Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A Great Time at Mysticon!

Mysticon 2019 in Roanoke was really stimulating.  As you can see, we even had a visit from Galadriel!  We could have done nothing but take pictures the whole time, because the cosplay was outstanding.  However, we were both pretty busy with two signings, two readings, and four panels each.  In one we played a narrative game involving the worst fantasy story ever written, "The Eye of Argon."  Each reader continued until he or she burst out laughing or corrected the error-strewn text.  John was drafted to lead the group, which managed to survive the irresistible hilarity.  Other panels we served on were TREKnologies (specialty: medical and life sciences), Stan Lee's life and work, Shakespeare and the Supernatural, and Paranormal Beyond Western Europe.  We reacquainted with old friends, made new ones, gathered information, and set up contacts for future projects.

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