Saturday, July 24, 2021


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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

 Heinlein Raises a Question and We Propose an Answer

Recently, Facebook friend Jonny Baggs posted this quote from Heinlein's To Sail Beyond the Sunset: "Family decay: I think it came mainly from both parents working outside the home.  It was said again and again that, from midcentury on, both parents had to have jobs just to pay the bills.  If this was true, why was it not necessary in the first half of the century?  How did laborsaving machinery and enormously increased productivity impoverish the family?"

To this we say: Easy. The surplus wealth generated by automation was not passed on to the workers, except in little dribbles. Instead, it was channeled into capital. World wars, especially the Second, lured women massively into the labor force, often making their effort available at a fraction of male workers' pay, thus increasing the flow into "free capital." The resulting competition inevitably increased productivity (read: exploitable labor hours), creating two wage slaves per household instead of just one. The personal stress destabilized families further, increasing the percentage of even more vulnerable single parent households, where the children essentially became hostages of the capitalist system.

As for the difference between pre- and postwar periods, there are several factors. For one thing, the Great Depression insured that there would not be enough jobs for even one wage earner, never mind two. For another thing, the effect of consumerism (with all its fetishism attached) kicked in seriously and fueled the Mad Men generation, increasing demand to increase growth, after "fundamental" needs had already been met by industry and corporations found themselves faced with an eventual shrinkage, which would doom the capitalist system. It is no accident that media also expanded during this period to drive the consumerist mechanism.

Heinlein might not have liked this, since he was deeply committed to secular free enterprise and the American myth of rugged individualism.  But the facts, and history, speak for themselves.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

 Space Stations

Our planet seems to be going in the wrong direction.  I think of Valerian's City of a Thousand Planets, where the ISS draws humanity together and then begins to attract all sorts of other species to a gret sharing in space.  Now we see not only that the ISS is about to be abandoned in  a few years instead of upgraded, but also that the three major space powers are planning on each building their own orbital facilities.  China was arbitrarily excluded from the ISS by the USA in the first place and has gone its own path.  This past week, it launched the first component of its own station.  Russia has announced that it, too, plans a similar commitment because the USA has violated its own treaty promises (again) and opted to switch from a quasi-civilian NASA to an overtly military Space Force.  The thrust of our government's interests seems to be permitting megacorporations to dominate space through extraterrestrial mining.  Meanwhile, secret military projects continue to proliferate outside our atmosphere at the expense of planetwide research to protect us from such potential disasters as meteor impacts and solar flares.  One wonders what will happen with such entities as the European Space Agency, which has so far avoided the militarization or commercialization of the solar system.  Instead of pulling together, our species is fracturing into a rabble of quarreling, grasping tribes that ignore the prospect of mutual protection and the greater good.  If there are alien intelligences out there, perhaps watching all this from a luxurious floating casino beyind Alpha Centauri, I doubt if many of them would place their bets on human survival.  

Friday, March 12, 2021

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